Into the Blue

Title: Into the Blue

Staring Actor(s)/Actress(es): Jessica Alba, Paul Walker, Scott Caan, Ashley Scott, Josh Brolin

Genre: Action

Plot Summary: Sam (Alba) and Jared (Walker) are just simpltons that live in the Bahama’s. They both love to dive and when their buddy, Bryce (Caan) – along with this new “friend” Amanda (Scott) – show up the want to show them a good time. As they are diving they come across what appears to be a shipwreck along with another sort of wreck, involving drugs. They find themselves caught in a war of drugs and burried treasure and they have to find thier way out.

Review: I didn’t really want to see this movie from other reviews I’ve read, but it actually wasn’t so horrible. Granted I probably wouldn’t watch it again, it had it’s moments. The story was pretty interesting but watching Jessica Alba and Paul Walker hold their breaths for unimaginable amounts of time was getting to me. There were a few interesting twists that helped the weak acting from Paul Walker but all-in-all it wasn’t that bad.

Rating: 8/10


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