Playoffs & Other Things

Among other things, our football team is now in the playoffs. We play our first game on Saturday at 1:30 against Wyndmere-Lidgerwood. They’ve only lost twice this season so it’s gonna be a tough game.

School sucks, but I’m not doing that bad in anything. I should probably do more Math homework cuz I’m getting like a C+ but it’s still not bad.

I’m not signed up for two trips at the beginning of next summer. Our church is taking a trip to Denver on the 11th of June, like 4 days after I get back from Spain! Yeah, I’m going to Spain as a school thing. I need to raise around $2,500 – $3000 to pay both off so I need a job. When football is over I plan to get a job at ALCO: Discount Store. My friend and sister work there and say it’s pretty easy and fun.

I’m selling my (3rd Generation) iPod to a kid at my school for $100 and saving up for a new, video-compatible one. They’re so nice.

I have a date for prom already, I asked a girl that I like cuz me and friend have liked her for a while and it wasn’t really going anywhere but we’ve been really close lately so she said yes… that’s nice too.

On November 13th, (my sister’s birthday, no less) I’m going to a concert in Minneapolis with some friends. The line-up is Unearth and As I Lay Dying (who I’ve seen live and aren’t that good but still fun) opening up for SLIPKNOT! I pee my pants just thinking about it. So it’s just me and some friends driving down and staying with one’s parents.

Since it’s been like, what, 3 months since my last “Graphic of the Week” I suppose I’ll update it. I’m changing the title to Featured Graphic so it’s more fitting to my, add-a-blog-when-I’m-bored style.

Featured Graphic: Sight Seeing by Alyn


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