Setback & Disasters

Wow, the last few days have been really crappy! We played our first-round playoff game on Saturday and we were up 29-26 with like 3 seconds left and they scored right at the end. The whole game was bullshit though, the refs were assholes. We should’ve won but we didn’t so now football is over.

Another mess up was that last weekend some of my friends decided to go drinking and someone told someone else and the principle found out so now 6 of my friends got 6 weeks of no extracurricular activities which also means that their parents grounded for like, a year. This is especially shitty because I was gonna ask out one of the girls that got it and now I won’t even be able to hang out with her for a month — December 6th… starting the countdown — so that’s pretty friggin gay. Yeah, and that Slipknot concert we were going to almost got derailed because the other two guys I was going with were involved but the one that was driving talked to his mom and she talked to my mom so now I can go which is friggin awesome.

So yeah, this week has been pretty shitty. I just hope it gets better.

P.S. – Thanks to Alex of Unfortunate Blog for helping me actually start adding to my blog more than every three months, thanks Alex.


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