Fun & Good Times

Unlike my last real blog entry entitled Setbacks and Disasters, my situation has much improved! The first quarter (9 weeks) of school is over and I made the B Honor Roll (at least, I haven’t actually checked) which is the least I’m trying to do because I want to stay on National Honor Society. Everything in school is going pretty darn good actually.

However, I missed school yesterday because I was coming back from Minneapolis and a Slipknot concert! Hell yeah, I finally fulfilled my goal of seeing Slipknot live. Me and my friend Dana were up in the balcony of the Roy Wilkins’ Auditorium so it wasn’t as fun as it could’ve been but it was still fricken amazing. We stayed with Dana’s parents in their (nice!) house in St. Michael. On Saturday we went to the Mall of America where I spent $318.44 on a brand new, 30GB Apple iPod Video! It’s so nice but my mom found out that I spent that much and she was a little mad since I should be saving up for Spain. On the way home we told a girl in my class that I was body-surfing and I broke my arm so they were all scared but I went to school today and showed them all I was fine and most laughed but some were mad that I scared them.

I applied at ALCO — Discount Store today so hopefully I will start collecting more money to save up plus today my mom and I went and cashed in about $500 worth of savings bonds that I’ve had saved up so I can make my first payment towards Spain. And finally, but not the least at all, I finally got a girlfriend. The whole drama filled story of me and my friend and this girl finally worked out and I got her so that’s awesome! Although I do sort of feel bad for my friend, but, eh.

Well that’s all for now, I’ll try to keep this updated but who knows, until next time…

– Cory


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