Drama up the Wazzu

Well the title says it all, drama up the wazzu. I don’t think there has ever been this much drama in my life ever and I’m not even supposed to be a part of some of it. Well let’s start with my friend’s past relationship and how that all went down.

So his girlfriend comes to me and tells me she’s gonna break up with him and tells me why and it was reasons I could understand. However, she said that the next day she was gonna go see this other guy that she liked a while ago and the way it sounded was that it was the sole reason of her trip which pissed me and my friends off. Now my friend was a drinker/smoker and not a great student but when he was dating this girl he stopped smoking and drinking for the most part and studied a lot more because she would help him. So after she broke up with him he got really wasted that night and started smoking again, he also told a girl that he was screwed for a quiz because he always studied with her. This, however made her think that he was just a big fake and she got mad so now I am trying to show both of them that they were both wrong and that they shouldn’t be mad at each other and be friends.

Then there’s my situation. So there was a huge drama-fest this summer with me and friend who liked the same girl. Now about 3 weeks ago she told my friend that they should just stick to being friends and she started acting a lot like she liked me more so I asked her out two weeks ago. She said so now we’re going out but my friend will not back off. He still talks to her like he likes her (because I know he does, and that’s understandable) but I just think he needs to back off. Now I’m mad at my friend for not backing off but I haven’t told him yet and I’m not mad, but confused with my girlfriend because she is still acting like she still likes him a little bit and whenever we’re with him in the room she gets really weird. So now I need to talk to my friend about it which is either going to make him really mad at me or just sit at home like a hermit and have tons of people mad at me for doing it. I tried to tell this to my girlfriend but she didn’t get it and just thought I was being jealous, which is somewhat true, but she should still be able to see it.

So right now I have two things I want to do. I want to sit my friend and his ex down and tell them everything that really happened and what it really meant. I also want to sit down with my girlfriend and my friend to tell them both how I’m feeling and to see what’s going on.

Drama sucks, I hate high school.

– Cory


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