Crappy New Year’s!

Well, the new year is here and it’s already crappy! It actually started before the new year but I still consider it this year.

Well first off, I broke up with my girlfriend because about 2 weeks before New Year’s she started acting weird and being really mad at everyone. All of our friends were drinking one night and that made her mad. I however wasn’t but she still was mad at me for some reason and after 2 weeks I just got fed up with it and yelled at her and then we broke up. I’ve talked to her about it and we’re both not sure what to do but she might move this summer and that would definitely suck major balls. I still like her but I don’t think she even cares anymore so I don’t know what to do. It just isn’t a good situation and we’re both kinda in bad moods and really don’t talk anymore but I know I don’t want that to happen. We’re still planning on going to prom, even if it’s just as friends, but friends should at least talk. I don’t know, I’ll figure it out.

My sister, Jodi, moved to Texas last week. My dad and I helped her move so we drove the 21 hours to get to Houston. It was pretty cool. It was warm and I got to miss 3 days of school. So yeah it was cool up until the day we had to leave, our friggin car broke down! We had to stay an extra day and leave Tuesday morning instead of Sunday afternoon so I missed more school which would’ve been cool but it was the end of the semester so I missed some stuff for tests but I got caught up. The repair (it was the fuel pump), for some reason, cost over $1,000 and my dad was pissed. So much for getting a new car. There’s another automobile story, my car is dead. I have 50 lbs of compression in 3 of my 4 cylinders, which is really shitty. So I now have to drive our pickup which gets absolutely no traction on ice, and that is what our streets are, pure ice.

Almost all of my friends went on a ski trip this weekend that I couldn’t go on cuz I have to save up money for Spain so I couldn’t afford to waste any so yesterday I worked at an auction for Spainish money and the bowling alley for my dad and then today I sat at home all day. The only time I went outside was to help my mom shovel snow. It was a pretty damn boring weekend.
To top it all off, some girls in our class found out that me and my friends did some “bad things” and are now officially pissed at us. I really don’t care that much anymore because most of them never really hung out with us unless certain people were there and now they’re trying to make it seem like they were really close friends. They’ll get over it and everything will be fine but tomorrow, at school, it might be a little wierd.

The only thing good about since I last wrote was Christmas. I got some nice stuff and we got a week and a half off of school but besides that I’ve have a Crappy Ass New Year.



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