Must See Videos

p>I’ve been really bored lately and I’ve been looking around some sites and I’ve found some pretty good ones.The first four are from iFilm and the first two are from some kids in my school that are pretty funny. The first is Lance AKA Blazer. The second one is Dr. Franklin Buchannan on ADHD.
Some other ones from iFilm are Couch Jump & Must Love Jaws.

The other ones I found were from YouTube. The first two are from the same two kids doing videos of their favorite theme songs: Pokemon & Mortal Kombat. The other one is of a song that is making fun of emo kids and it’s hilarious. It’s called The Emo Song.

These are just a few that I’ve found but you should really check them out and reply if you find any other good ones that I should see.



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