We Got Kicked Out of a Movie Theater!

Wow. Okay, so my friends, Dana, Riley, Steve and I were going to Fargo meet Jason and Liz, some other friends. We planned on going to The Hills Have Eyes and we’re all 17 but Steve, being the genius he is, doesn’t have any ID because he doesn’t have his permit or license.

So me and Steve bought tickets for Stay Alive and tried to get into the other theater. Well the douche bag was checking tickets on that movie. So, Steve went in to talk; to Dana, grabbing his and Riley’s tickets. Then we told the guy checking tickets we were gonna go switch but they got the manager to the front of the theater and he checked the dates on my ticket (that I actually exchanged) and Steve’s (which was actually Dana’s) and they weren’t different.

So we had to go get Dana and Riley, who gave us the tickets, and we all had to fill out a form and leave. The asshole wasn’t even gonna give us a refund but Dana, surprisingly, argued with him and we got a refund.

So the rest of the night we spent driving around Moorehead, reminiscing Steve’s past. Fricken movie theater workers. Honestly, if I was one of them, I’d be so lenient with kids, it wouldn’t even be funny! So our night was amazing!


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