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Summer Plans

Posted in Miscellaneous on May 30, 2006 by coryangennet

Well summer is finally here. There’s a lot of stuff that I plan on doing this summer, but all cost money so the first thing I gotta do is work, work, work. We had our annual camping trip, that was pretty fun. I leave for Paris and Barcelona tomorrow (at 4:00 AM!!!) and that should be a pretty rewarding experience. We might be going to Rob Zombie and Anthrax, who are going to be in Fargo in July. We might, also, go to Minneapolis to Slayer, Lamb of God, Children of Bodom, Mastodon and Thine Eyes Bleed and/or The Sounds of the Underground Tour with bands like In Flames, GWAR, Trivium, The Chariot, etc. and either of those would be awesome. I have football camp in July along with the fact that our town is having a 125th Anniversary(?)/All-School-Reunion, also in July. We are having a family reunion in some resort in Minnesota, I think, sometime this summer too. As for saving up money, I want to get a new phone (LG VX8300) and maybe save enough to make a down payment on a new car, hopefully. Well that’s all for now, I’ll write about my trip when I get back.



The Da Vinci Code

Posted in Movie Reviews on May 24, 2006 by coryangennet

Title: The Da Vinci Code

Staring Actor(s)/Actress(es): Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou, Ian McKellen, Jean Reno, Paul Bettany

Genre: Mystery/Action

Status: In Theaters Now

Plot Summary: After a man is murdered in the Louvre and has symbolic markings on him, a symbologist from Harvard by the name of Robert Langdon (Hanks) is summoned. He meets a woman by the name of Sophia (Tautou) and they discover clues to the murder. They soon discover they’re not uncovering clues to a murder, but a Christian secret that could shake the world forever.

Review: As much as I loved the movie I can’t say that it was the amazing spectacle I expected it to be. I didn’t read Dan Brown’s book but I still understood the concept and it was a pretty good movie. I can’t say I found any flaws in the film but, then again, I didn’t read the book so I wouldn’t know. My friend, who I went with and who read the book, said they skipped some stuff and they added some stuff but he still liked it so I guess it was a pretty good conversion. Overall, I’d say go to it and just let it entertain you, don’t go to prove it all wrong or to try to think it’s all real, it’s just good, clean fun.


Grandma’s Boy

Posted in Movie Reviews on May 14, 2006 by coryangennet

Title: Grandma’s Boy

Staring Actor(s)/Actress(es): Linda Cardellini, Allen Covert, Peter Dante, Joel Moore, Doris Roberts, Nick Swardson

Genre: Comedy

Status: Out on DVD/Video

Plot Summary: When Alex (Covert), a 35-year old game tester, gets kicked out of his apartment he crashes with his grandma, Lilly (Roberts). To cover it up, he tells his co-workers that he’s staying with three hot chicks. In the meantime, Alex is creating an amazing new X-Box game, but when JP (Moore), a game-creating prodigy, finds out he has to get his hands on it to make it his own.

Review: Another Creation from the Happy Madison Productions, this movie was hilarious. In the trailers it didn’t look like it would be one of those, laugh-out-loud funny movies. It looked like a movie that would have a few laughs and then be disappointing, but that was not the case. I don’t really know what made this movie that good. I think it was the fact that I haven’t seen any movies that are just stupid, childish humor in a while, and I think that’s what did it. If you are at all amused by stoner humor and nerds bashing other nerds, definitely go check this one out!


Red Flag Touch is Open!

Posted in Miscellaneous on May 3, 2006 by coryangennet

I had this idea to make some t-shirts a while back and I finally got the motivation (I was so bored) to do it. I’ve made two so far. Buck Futter and I Litter (And Brian Peppers is Sorry) but I will be adding more later. To get to the store (Powered by just click the button below. If you want to buy anything, just let me know and I’ll set it up!

Thanks, Cory.


Posted in Movie Reviews on May 2, 2006 by coryangennet

Title: Hostel

Staring Actor(s)/Actress(es): Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson, Eythor Gudjonsson

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Status: Out on DVD/Video

Plot Summary: Two American tourists (Hernandez & Richardson) and their Icelandic friend they meet on the way are backpacking their way through Europe. They travel to Slovakia in search of beautiful girls and a good time, but what they find is as close to hell as it can possibly get.

Review: I had been waiting for a long time to see this movie, but I honestly don’t think it was worth the wait. It was pretty bad ass, don’t get me wrong but it sure wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. The way it starts off reminds me a lot of Eurotrip (2004) but when it picked up it just didn’t seem as good as I thought it was. I wish they would’ve had more than three main characters and maybe a little more of a back-story or something. It just kind of jumped into it. And, not to sound like a weirdo but, I think they could’ve had a lot more nasty things going on in those rooms. The stuff they did made me cringe a little, but they could’ve made it so much better. The ending did kick ass and the movie, overall, was quite good. It just wasn’t what I was expecting.