My Downward Spiral into Nerdiness

I’ve come to realize that I spend entirely too much time on the computer. Ive traced back to my early days and I think I’ve found the chain of events that lead to me to the nerd I am today. I mean, back in the day, the only thing I did on the computer was play games like Rodent’s Revenge and Rattler Race and go on MSN Messenger. Today, I’m on the computer every moment of my free time, almost. Now, I’m on forums, I mess with Messenger, I create graphics and I have my own website and blog. What the hell happened!?

Well I’ll tell you.

It all really started with getting the internet and downloading BearShare to download music. Later I was introduced to eBaum’s World and the great invention of Flash animation. So one day, after me and a friend watched A Nice Day to Die 2 and heard a cool song. We watched the credits and found out it was called Spit It Out by Slipknot. So, we did some searching through BearShare and found some songs, and later, videos (as these Slipknot people are a bit strange).

Well, after that I really got into Slipknot and started joining some web forums. I finally decided that I wanted to start my own Slipknot fan board. But where to do it? InvisionFree, that’s where. So I registered the forum and got everything set up but it looked like crap. I needed a skin. Where to do that, now? Well that you’ll find at InvisionFree Skin Zone. So I decided to look into it. After being there for a while, I realized that the graphics being produced were really cool, and I was sick of requesting stuff. I ‘acquired’ Adobe Photoshop and started out making my own stuff. Later, I joined the art community deviantART and started getting more involved in my art. Now I spend most of my time on the computer and about 50%+ of that time I’m in Photoshop making something.

Another side-track from that story is what I do almost 100% of the time that I’m on the computer, and that’s listen to music. I used to be just a mianstream rock kind of guy. Nowadays I’m into a bunch of crazy genres and bands. I have the Skin Zone to thank for this, also. Being at the Skin Zone allowed me to meet a lot of new people, most of which listened to odd music. I wanted to check this stuff out and started looking around the internet. I was introduced to BitTorrent files, and from there to more forums about music. Now, I’m constantly looking for new new bands and new albums to get.

So that’s my story of the last two years. I really haven’t done much of anything with my life since then, and I blame the internet! But at the same time, it’s has definitely opened my eyes to be more artistic and musically-conscience. I would have to say, as horrible as it may sound, the internet has made me a much better person (maybe not personality-wise, I’m still an ass).

Well that’s my random, stupid blog post. If you’ve read this far, wow, get a life.

Cory Angen


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