Title: Beerfest

Staring Actor(s)/Actress(es): Erik Stolhanske, Paul Soter, Kevin Heffernan, Jay Chandrasekhar, Steve Lemme, Eric Christian Olsen, Will Forte, Nat Faxon

Genre: Comedy

Status: In Theaters Now

Plot Summary: When their grandfather dies, two brothers (Stolhanske, Soter) travel to Germany to distribute his ashes and stumble across an underground drinking tournament called ‘Beerfest’. They’re mocked by the reigning German team and go back to the States to form a team to take them on next year.

Review: Another great movie from the geniuses of Broken Lizard, the makers of Super Troopers & Club Dread. I saw previews for this a while back and I knew I wanted to see it. Super Troopers is one of my favorite movies and these guys never let me down. It was hilarious and there were some parts where I couldn’t help but laugh right out loud. I honestly saw absolutely nothing wrong with this movie. Watch it, laugh, and have a good time.



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