Killswitch Engage / Bury Your Dead / 2Cents

Bands: Killswitch Engage w/ Bury Your Dead & 2Cents

Date/Time: Friday, December 1, 2006 @ 7:00

Venue: The Venue @ Playmaker’s Pavilion, Fargo, ND

Genre: Metal

Summary: Well I’d like to first off say that Hatebreed was supposed to be there, but they got snowed in at O’Hare Airport in Chicago. As for the bands that were there, it was pretty awesome. 2Cents opened the show with about seven songs (around thirty minutes). Then came Bury Your Dead, playing about ten (around an hour). Finally, Killswitch Engage came on and played about fifteen songs or so (around an hour, or hour and a half). I would’ve personally liked to see 2Cents play longer than Bury Your Dead, but that’s usually the way the concerts I attend go. Killswitch was amazing! This is my second time seeing them, plus they just released a new cd, As Daylight Dies, so they had some new material. It was an amazing show, and is definitely somewhere in my top three concerts so far.

Overall, I’d say the show would’ve been better had: 1) Hatebreed been there to perform 2) 2Cents played longer than Bury Your Dead.



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