Lamb of God / Trivium / Machine Head / Gojira

Bands: Lamb of God / Trivium / Machine Head / Gojira

Date/Time: Wednesday, March 7, 2007 @ 6:30

Venue: The Venue @ Playmaker’s Pavilion, Fargo, ND

Genre: Metal

Summary: Well I’ll start off saying that this one was crazy… and awesome! I’ll start with the starting band and work my way up to the headliners. Here we go.

Gojira: Pronounced Go-Jeer-Ah, Gojira comes from France with a hard hitting brand of metal. They have some really unique stuff, but the stuff that isn’t unique gets very monotonous very quick. They were a good band, but not one that I Was really going to see.

Machine Head: Machine Head has been around for a long time. They’ve proven themselves time and time again to be a great metal band. However, I think they are a better studio band than live. I guess I didn’t get too into Machine Head prior to this concert, which may have an effect on my thoughts, but that’s how I feel.

Trivium: Trivium is a pretty new band to the scene. They just released their second major release (The Crusade) not too long ago. I really got into these guys when I heard their first CD (Ascendancy), but I was disappointed with their lack of material from it at the concert. Their new CD is good, but I would’ve liked to hear more of their old stuff.

Lamb of God: Holy crap! Lamb of God is a very heavy metal band (in my opinion anyway) and this concert proved just that. They also released a new CD last fall entitled Sacrament. I think my problem with bands like this is that I get really into the first CD of theirs that I buy and when a new one comes out I’m disappointed because it’s not the one I’m used to. After this, however, I think I’ll get a little more into their newer stuff.

Overall, it was a great concert and I’m quite glad that I made it to this one. I think I would’ve had a little more fun if I was more into Machine Head (so I was more familiar with their old stuff) and if I would’ve listened to Trivium and Lamb of God’s newer stuff more before I went. I had a great time though.



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