Happy Feet

Title: Happy Feet

Starring Actor(s)/Actress(es): Elijah Wood, Brittany Murphy, Robin Williams, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Hugo Weaving

Genre: Comedy/Musical

Status: Out on DVD

DVDPlot Summary: Emperor penguins find mates by singing. But when Mumble (Wood) is born, he doesn’t sing, he dances. Now he’s trying to win the heart of his dream girl Gloria (Murphy) and find acceptance in his world, with a little help from some friends.

Review: If I were a young child, or a parent of a young child I probably would’ve loved this movie. However, being a teenager, it didn’t really appeal to me. It wasn’t bad, and I can see how it won so many awards. It was a great “feel good movie” and there were parts that were really funny. This one didn’t really make me “feel good” when it was over, but I didn’t hate it.

Rating: 3/5


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