Dream Theater / Redemption / Into Eternity

Bands: Dream Theater / Redemption / Into Eternity

Date/Time: Thursday, August 09, 2007 @ 7:00 PM

Venue: The State Theatre, Minneapolis, MN

Genre: Metal / Progressive

Summary: As Dream Theater is one of my top three favorite bands of all time, I couldn’t pass this up. Though the set list wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for, it was not a disappointment. The opening bands were better than some that I’ve seen, but nothing too spectacular. So here’s the rundown.

Into Eternity: Into Eternity is a pretty good metal band out of Canada. The music was awesome from a metal fan’s point of view. The singing, on the other hand, was a bit strange. The singer went with either a really high pitched screeching to a low, deep growl. There was really no middle ground, which would’ve suited the music a little better. They got better towards the end of the set, and when they were done, they got a fairly nice applause that they deserved.

Redemption: These guys were about the exact opposite from the first band when it came to how I first thought. The singing was much easier to listen to, but the music wasn’t anything special. These guys were more along the Dream Theater lines, with long instrumental breaks, which were quite good. However, I didn’t like the fact that whenever there was an instrumental part, the lead singer would leave the stage. Now LaBrie (DT vocalist) would do the same thing, but the singer for Redemption seemed to barely make it back to the mic in time to start singing again. It just seemed like he didn’t really want to be on stage. Overall, I would call them decent.

Dream Theater:

Hell yeah. Dream Theater is a great band to see live. They tend to never really play anything the same. Even songs they’ve been playing for multiple years always get different variations for each tour, so the concert-goer isn’t ever really hearing the same thing twice. They also have a great video setup that shows visuals along with each song. It makes their shows even more interesting. The mix of slow and fast songs was alright (though I personally would’ve liked to hear a few more of the up-beat ones). I just loved seeing the different array of people at the show. I saw it range from a kid that couldn’t have been more than eight with his parents, up to a guy that had to have been at least fifty-five or older rocking out right in front of us. It was a great show.Rating:


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