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Madina Lake / Mayday Parade / Powerspace / Meriwether

Posted in Concert Reviews on October 17, 2007 by coryangennet

Bands: Madina Lake / Mayday Parade / Powerspace / Meriwether

Date/Time: Wednesday, October 17, 2007 @ 5:30

Venue: Varsity Theater, Minneapolis, MN

Genre: Pop-Punk

PosterSummary: Well this was the first show I’ve been too since moving to Minneapolis at the beginning of October. I must say, it was a great one to start off with. All the bands were fun, good, and great with the crowds.

Meriwether: For not really hearing about this band prior to this show, I was very impressed. They fit very well with the rest of the bands. Great sound, great interaction, just a great show overall.

Powerspace: Another band that has great crowd interaction. They were very much like Meriwether, and the sounded really good. They’re crowd interaction went a little too far when they asked everyone in the front row to get onto a platform that was in front of the stage, because after that people kept getting up their for the rest of the night, making it impossible to see. But, overall, they were a pretty good band.

Mayday Parade: These guys were the reason I went to this show. I recently picked up their debut full-length album A Lesson in Romantics which is a great album. They played a lot of the good songs from that CD, along with a few from their original EP. These guys were awesome. They’re a great crowd pleaser. I got a chance to get an autograph from and picture with the lead singer who is a really nice guy from what I could see. So glad I got to see these guys.

Madina Lake: These guys were the headliners, but I think most of the people there were there for Mayday Parade. At least it looked that way to me. Their a good band, a little more heavy than the rest, but pretty good overall. I liked what I heard for the time I was there, but pretty much everyone that could fit was on the platform I spoke of earlier and it was impossible to see the band from where I was. I would’ve loved to be there the whole time if the crowd was on the floor because there would have been a couple good mosh pits, I think.
Overall, it was an awesome show. Great crowd pleasers and everyone sounded great. There wasn’t really anything that I didn’t like, other than the whole platform thing. The Varsity Theater is a great little place, and I hope there are a lot more shows like this one there.



Kids Are Americans Too, So Let Us Use Our Fre Will

Posted in Miscellaneous on October 12, 2007 by coryangennet

Ok, if any of you know me, you know that I’m not really a political person. In fact, I usually don’t give a flying feck about politics. But, I did just read Stephen Colbert’s I Am America (And So Can You!) so I think I’m pretty well knowledgeable now (kidding…).

However, something did get me a little politically riled up today. I was watching The Tonight Show (which is a wonder in it of itself) and Jay had Bill O’Reilly on and he was promoting his book Kids Are Americans Too.  On the show he makes a statement that, when he goes to the mall all he sees is kids on iPods and such and that they don’t care about their country and they don’t give back to the country.

Now I do understand what he’s saying, in downtown Minneapolis you can’t walk 3 steps without seeing someone with earbuds in.  Be it a college student going into Target, or a middle-aged woman jogging down the street, almost everyone is listening to something.  But I don’t agree with him at all about the rest of his statements.  Yeah, now-a-days there are kids who could care less about this country and the way it does what it does, but for the most part people do care, they just don’t flaunt it so much.  I’m sure when Bill was in his late teens he was being approached by some faction of the military and was seriously thinking about joining (he may actually have, I don’t really know).  So, yeah, I can’t say I would ever personally go out and join the military, but I would say that I’m a pretty good Patriot when it comes to general terms.  I just think that there are more ways to be a Patriot then flat out flaunting it all day, everyday.  So if Bill O’Reilly wants to promote the fact that Kids Are Americans Too, let us exercise our First Amendment rights and show how we want to be a patriot in our own ways.


Knocked Up

Posted in Movie Reviews on October 4, 2007 by coryangennet

Title: Knocked Up

Starring Actor(s)/Actress(es):

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Status: Out of DVD

Plot Summary: After a one night stand, Alison finds herself pregnant. Now it’s up to Ben (Rogen) to shape up for his responsibility as a father.

Review: So I went to Target and bought this, only hearing good things. I usuall don’t do this, but I was feeling dangerous. I must say that I was not disappointed. This movie has a good mixture of the comedy we’re familiar with from Rogen, as well as the regular romantic comedy stuff that everyone knows.  There were times when it was kind of slow and boring, and some made my laugh out loud, but for the most part it was a pretty average comedy.  I agree that the birthing scene was a little much, but it wasn’t a big deal.
Rating: 4/5