Kids Are Americans Too, So Let Us Use Our Fre Will

Ok, if any of you know me, you know that I’m not really a political person. In fact, I usually don’t give a flying feck about politics. But, I did just read Stephen Colbert’s I Am America (And So Can You!) so I think I’m pretty well knowledgeable now (kidding…).

However, something did get me a little politically riled up today. I was watching The Tonight Show (which is a wonder in it of itself) and Jay had Bill O’Reilly on and he was promoting his book Kids Are Americans Too.  On the show he makes a statement that, when he goes to the mall all he sees is kids on iPods and such and that they don’t care about their country and they don’t give back to the country.

Now I do understand what he’s saying, in downtown Minneapolis you can’t walk 3 steps without seeing someone with earbuds in.  Be it a college student going into Target, or a middle-aged woman jogging down the street, almost everyone is listening to something.  But I don’t agree with him at all about the rest of his statements.  Yeah, now-a-days there are kids who could care less about this country and the way it does what it does, but for the most part people do care, they just don’t flaunt it so much.  I’m sure when Bill was in his late teens he was being approached by some faction of the military and was seriously thinking about joining (he may actually have, I don’t really know).  So, yeah, I can’t say I would ever personally go out and join the military, but I would say that I’m a pretty good Patriot when it comes to general terms.  I just think that there are more ways to be a Patriot then flat out flaunting it all day, everyday.  So if Bill O’Reilly wants to promote the fact that Kids Are Americans Too, let us exercise our First Amendment rights and show how we want to be a patriot in our own ways.



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