Paramore / The Starting Line / Set Your Goals

Bands:  Paramore / The Starting Line / Set Your Goals

Date/Time: November, 2nd, 2007 @ 6:00

Venue: The Myth, Minneapolis, MN

Genre: Pop-Punk


Summary: I think this was the fullest show I’ve ever been too. I’m so surprised we even got in. We didn’t have tickets and when we got there there was a line that would’ve probably went all the way around the building, it there was room. But overall it was a great show.

Set Your Goals: I did not like this band. At all. Their music sounded great, but the singing (if you could call it that) was horrible. There were two singers, but neither could sing very well. It just sounded like they were talking/yelling. There was no rhythm or variation in the vocals. I think they could’ve found a much better opener for such a great line-up.

The Starting Line: I’d heard of these guys, but not really heard any of their stuff before. They were good though, and they were really good with the crowd. The other people that I was with really enjoyed these guys, and I liked them for not knowing any of their stuff.

Paramore: Awesome. This was the reason I went to this show, and I must say they did not disappoint. Hayley is a great frontwoman, and she brings a great sense of energy to the show. It was a great crowd for this, and a really fun mosh pit, surprisingly.
Awesome show, but I really wish the opener was better. The whole first half hour was just boring, mainly because of the of how much I didn’t like the opener. But thankfully, the other two bands really made up for it.



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