Again, since I got this genius idea late in the month, remembering everything he’s done so far is going to be kind of hard. This entry may be a little short (definitely compared to the last one).

PileLet’s start with his messiness. Since his roommate Brandon moved out, and we never got a new roommate, he has the whole bedroom to himself. Because of this, his shit pile has moved onto the vacant bed. In a way, I’m thankful it’s not piling into the living room anymore, but it’s still unsightly on the rare occasion that he has his door open. He also moved from constant energy drinks to constant Mountain Dew consumption. We figure he went through a 24 pack of it in about a week and half. Now that really doesn’t bother me, he can drink all of whatever that he wants, but I don’t like having 5 or more MD cans laying around the living room/kitchen. His cleaning is improving a little bit, but now it’s going a little too far.

Now, he’s not only doing his own dishes, but he’s offering to do ours too. And it doesn’t end there. We used to have these packets of soap that would go into the dish washer, but when we ran out of those he started using some kind of liquid soap. This would be fine, but he obviously doesn’t know how to use it, because at least three times (one of those times being last quarter, around Thanksgiving) the dish washer has overflowed with suds onto the floor. I finally went out and bought some of those packets after a maintenance guy at our building came to the door saying that something was leaking into the apartment below us. Continuing on the fact that he’s still creepy, imagine waking up to it on the weekends.

Since I don’t have classes on Friday, I have a 3 day weekend every weekend, so I sleep in. I tend to wake up first out of our room, at around noon or so, and come out to find him curled up on the couch, without a shirt, watching boring TV. Now, if that doesn’t already seem weird enough, he tends to mumble a “Good morning.” everytime I enter the living room. Have you ever seen Superbad? If you have, recall the scene where Evan and Seth wake up at the end and Evan mumbles that awkward “good morning”. That’s what it’s like every day of the weekend. We’re going to finish off this post with a continuation of the last. His late night antics.Smoke Detector

Of course, I am writing this at 2 AM, but I don’t start cooking at 1. Yeah, I don’t think he knows the meaning of the word ‘SNACK’. Every time he eats something, he has to take out a pan, and grill something up (usually onions). It’s not just the fact that he’s cooking so late, but he also never turns on the fan that’s on the stove, which always results in setting off the smoke detectors. He did it Friday night at about 1:30, and he did it again today in the afternoon.

Again, this post was a little skimpy, and a few of the latter incidents happened in the first few days of February, so I’m sorry. I will probably limit the posts of this category to every month, but I will document the incidents as they occur, as to not forget anything. Also, the pictures in this post (obviously) aren’t really taken from the apartment.  For the next post, maybe I’ll get some real-life photos for proof.  Thanks for reading…


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