Heaven Shall Burn / Embrace the End / The Ghost Inside

Bands: Heaven Shall Burn / Embrace the End / The Ghost Inside

Date/Time: April 16 @ 6:00

Venue: Station 4, St. Paul, MN

Genre(s): Hardcore / Metal

Summary: This was a nice mix of hardcore and metal. The moshers of the two genres got a little rough with each other –which I found to be completely retarded, just let each other do their thing- but the music was great. I’m so glad I got to this one. The bands were great, not to mention an awesome band, D.I.M., opened.

The Ghost Inside: I’ve been to a few hardcore shows over the past few months, but never one where I really got a feel for a band that I truly liked. Thanks to The Ghost Inside, however, this changed a little. I really don’t understand the “hardcore dancing” stuff, but their music was awesome, and we met the singer afterwards and he was a pretty cool dude.

Embrace the End: Another pretty heavy hardcore band. I wasn’t that much of a fan of this one. Their music was ok, but it was one of those bands where I really couldn’t tell the difference between the songs, and that’s a huge issue with me.

Heaven Shall Burn: Fucking amazing! Heaven Shall Burn is an awesome metal band from Germany and this is their first American tour. Sadly, I only really knew a few songs that they played, but I’m definitely glad I went. Their stage presence is great, plus their German accents make it fun to listen to them talk in between songs. I really hope they can make it back and play a bigger venue.

All the bands together made for one pretty awesome show. As I said, the crowd attendance was much less than I was hoping for. The last time I attended Station 4 it was pretty packed, and there was probably 1/3 of the people there this time. As Alexander (guitarist for HSB) so poetically put it “There weren’t a lot of people, but [we] knew how to party.” I really hope they can come back, maybe with a few other Euro metal bands and get a bigger crowd, because they deserve it.

Rating: 4/5


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