Shoot ‘Em Up

Title: Shoot Em Up

Starring Actor(s)/Actress(es): Clive Owen, Monica Bellucci, Paul Giamatti, Stephen McHattie

Genre: Action

Status: Out on DVD

Plot Summary: A man known only as Mr. Smith (Owen) is forced into a crazy situation when he witnesses a pregnant woman being gunned down. He decides to to take the baby to safety.

Review: I’m not really sure whether or not to put this in the Aged section or not, because it’s been out on DVD for about 5 months now, but it’s still from the same year so I figure it’s alright. Now, this is by far the most unrealistic, insane, out of control action movie I’ve seen in a really long time. And I loved it. You can’t really criticize it for being unrealistic because it’s just so out there. The action sequences are awesome, the ways that he rigs up his kills is crazy. I realize that most people wouldn’t like this movie because of that, but if you go into this movie expecting an amazing action flick, you will not be disappointed. There were some aspects that I didn’t like. There are a lot of stunts that involve the baby that just seem a little much. Although Clive Owen kind of annoys the piss out of me, Paul Giamatti as a villain and Monica Bellucci looking the way she does makes up for it. Overall, it’s a pretty badass flick, but only if you go into it knowing what to expect.

Rating: 4/5


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