Panic at the Disco / Motion City Soundtrack / The Hush Sound / Phantom Planet

Bands: Panic at the Disco / Motion City Soundtrack / The Hush Sound / Phantom Planet

Date/Time: May 27 @ 7:00

Venue: The Myth, Maplewood, MN

Genre(s): Pop Punk / Rock


Phantom Planet: I’d never really heard anything from this band before, other than their amazingly popular song ‘California’ (yeah, the O.C. theme song). I must say though, they have an amazing stage presence. Alex Greenwald, the lead singer, is a very hyperactive person on stage (or off, as he showed a few times) and they seem to have a great time being on stage. Their music isn’t bad either. Unlike all their major hit ‘California’, the majority of their music is really upbeat and fun to listen to. I wasn’t a fan prior to this show, but I think I’ll check these guys out now.

The Hush Sound: The Hush sound is a pretty interesting band. I’m very picky when it comes to vocals, especially when they’re female vocals, but these guys have a nice mix of male and female vocals. Their stage presence wasn’t as animated as Phantom Planet, but they were still a pretty fun band to watch. Like the female vocals, pianos in this kind of music is a bit iffy too, but she pulled that one off pretty nicely too. I heard that they sounded much better live, so I’m glad that it was my first experience with it. Their definitely a good band, but not one that I would really listen to on a regular occasion.

Motion City Soundtrack: I don’t really know how to even start this one out. MCS is a great, yet pretty unique sounding band. The show they put on was awesome, and I’m sure it helped that they are from Minneapolis. I remember listening to this band a few years ago and loving them then, and I still do. Sadly, however, they kind of dropped on my list for a while and I’m a little disappointed now. The vocal style is definitely an odd one. Justin Pierre has a pretty distinctive voice, but I can easily see how someone could not like it. Almost every one of their songs is so upbeat that you can’t help but have a good time listening, and they were great with the crowd too. I’m a little disappointed that they won’t be playing the Warped Tour this year, but at least I got to see them now.

Panic at the Disco: This band is one that I know is quite subjective nowadays, but I still like them a lot. They just released a new album that sounds completely different from their previous one, and I, for one, don’t think it’s as good. It’s still a nicely put together album, but they’ve kind of shied away from the goofy stuff from the first that I loved when it first came out. That being said, they put on quite a show. They played a lot of their first album songs, which made me happy because I know almost all of the songs from that album. They’re all a bunch of pretty odd (pun intended) guys, and they definitely show it on stage, but it makes for an interesting show. I was a little miffed because their last 2 encore songs were ones from the new album that I didn’t know, but the entire show was a great experience.

This is the first show in a while that I’ve actually enjoyed every band that’s played to a certain extent. It was a great lineup and I’m glad that I actually got in (I got one of the last tickets available because I’m broke and a procrastinator). Though the amount of 14-year-old girls there was annoying, the show was great and it makes me really excited about the Warped Tour coming up this summer.

PS: New note for concerts: I’m not going to put ratings on them anymore.  It’s too hard to rate an entire show when 4 different bands play.  You should really be able to figure out if I liked it or not.


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