Best Ending of a Night Ever?

I would sure say so.

So we’re just chillin’ in my garage at around 2:00 AM as we were playing some ‘games’ in my garage.  We hear some police sirens, and we looked out the window.  One of the guys there says “Is that a high-speed chase?”  And it was.  We look out and see the cop speed by and think “Ah, darn we missed it…” but the guy came back around the block.  We see him speed by my house with the cop right on his ass.  The pickup being chased goes sliding around the corner and comes to a complete stop about a half-block away and the guy gets out and starts running through the block.  We all get out and stand on the sidewalk to watch.  One of the cops came over and asked us if we saw anything, so we told him what we saw and they go looking throughout the block.  We moved over to my neighbor’s porch (who was also watching this all go down).  We saw a girl get taken out of the passenger side of the pickup and put into an ambulance.  One of the cops came over and asked us a few more questions and told us how it all started and some more details (that he probably wasn’t supposed to tell us).  We B.S. with him for a little while and then he gets a call and says that they know where he is.  He then tells us where they found him so we can go over if we want to watch, which we obviously did.  We walked over a few blocks and sat on some benches as the guy gets arrested and put intot the back of the cop car.

Overall, I would say it’s a great ending to a pretty fun night anyway.


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