Title: Hancock

Starring Actor(s)/Actress(es): Will Smith, Jason Bateman, Charlize Theron

Genre: Action / Comedy

Status: In Theaters

Release Date: July 2, 2008

Plot Summary: A not so glamorous superhero, who is hated by the public, tries to redo his image and make the people of LA see how much they need him.

Review: Much unlike the last entry, this movie is one of the more creative ones as-of-late. It’s nice to see a “superhero” who isn’t a noble person. It gives it a little more of a reality. Plus Will Smith is hilarious. The whole movie has great comedy and it’s a really fun one to watch. The action scenes really aren’t anything too breathtaking. There are only a few full-on action sequences anyway, while the others are usually just quick little ones. The story is fairly well done. The backstory was quite interesting and I had an idea of who the “bad guy” would be going into it, but I was taken for a little bit of a loop in that department.

All in all, I think this was a very entertaining movie. It’s one that I’d been waiting for for a while and it didn’t do much to disappoint. The trailers seem to do a good job of skewing the look of the movie, though. From the trailers it seems like an action movie with comedy on the side. However, it’s kind of the opposite. Still enjoyable and, like I said, I’m a pretty big Will Smith fan so I enjoyed it. It’s not going to be a contender for the bigger summer blockbusters, but it’s a fun little movie for the summer.

Rating: 4/5


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