Title: Traitor

Starring Actor(s)/Actress(es): Don Cheadle, Saïd Taghmaoui, Guy Pearce, Neal McDonough

Genre: Action / Drama

Status: In Theaters

Release Date: August 27th, 2008

Plot Summary: A special operative (Cheadle) working for a renowned terrorist group inadvertently becomes a target of the CIA.

Review: I could easily see how this one would slip by the mainstream (as it would appear from the not so full theater). It’s not the knock-down-drag-out action movies that have been all the rage lately (i.e. Wanted or Death Race). It really had a very sincere plot that made for an interesting movie. It’s very well put together as well. Judging by what I saw in the trailer, I thought I was going to see a movie that fell in along the lines of the Bourne series, but this one took a strange turn from the get go. As much as I will never understand the whole suicide bomber mentality, seeing something from that point of view was quite intriguing. Don Cheadle was, as usual, quite amazing in this movie. His co-star throughout most of the film, Taghmaoui, also did a very good job portraying the sort of middle-man in the organization. That all being said, there were many parts to this movie that seemed to be a little slow. Granted, they did build up to some pretty intense moments, the slowness got a little strung out. I think one of the reasons these kinds of movies seem so appealing is because of the global settings in which they occur. There had to have been eight to ten different city/countries seen throughout the movie, which made for the question of where they would go next, which I love.

Overall, I would say this one is a solid action/drama, with just a bit more emphasis on the drama. It’s definitely not for everyone (in fact it seems to be for more of a middle-aged crowd), and most of my friends wouldn’t find it as intriguing as I did, but it’s definitely a good movie. One of the finer serious action movies (now I mean serious and action-packed, not seriously action-packed) I’ve seen in quite some time.

Rating: 3.75/5


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