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Title: Traitor

Starring Actor(s)/Actress(es): Don Cheadle, Saïd Taghmaoui, Guy Pearce, Neal McDonough

Genre: Action / Drama

Status: In Theaters

Release Date: August 27th, 2008

Plot Summary: A special operative (Cheadle) working for a renowned terrorist group inadvertently becomes a target of the CIA.

Review: I could easily see how this one would slip by the mainstream (as it would appear from the not so full theater). It’s not the knock-down-drag-out action movies that have been all the rage lately (i.e. Wanted or Death Race). It really had a very sincere plot that made for an interesting movie. It’s very well put together as well. Judging by what I saw in the trailer, I thought I was going to see a movie that fell in along the lines of the Bourne series, but this one took a strange turn from the get go. As much as I will never understand the whole suicide bomber mentality, seeing something from that point of view was quite intriguing. Don Cheadle was, as usual, quite amazing in this movie. His co-star throughout most of the film, Taghmaoui, also did a very good job portraying the sort of middle-man in the organization. That all being said, there were many parts to this movie that seemed to be a little slow. Granted, they did build up to some pretty intense moments, the slowness got a little strung out. I think one of the reasons these kinds of movies seem so appealing is because of the global settings in which they occur. There had to have been eight to ten different city/countries seen throughout the movie, which made for the question of where they would go next, which I love.

Overall, I would say this one is a solid action/drama, with just a bit more emphasis on the drama. It’s definitely not for everyone (in fact it seems to be for more of a middle-aged crowd), and most of my friends wouldn’t find it as intriguing as I did, but it’s definitely a good movie. One of the finer serious action movies (now I mean serious and action-packed, not seriously action-packed) I’ve seen in quite some time.

Rating: 3.75/5


Pineapple Express

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Title: Pineapple Express

Starring Actor(s)/Actress(es): Seth Rogen, James Franco, Danny McBride, Gary Cole, Kevin Corrigan, Craig Robinson

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Status: In Theaters

Release Date: August 6, 2008

Plot Summary: Dale (Rogen) witnessed a major drug dealer commit a murder. Now he, and his dealer, are on the run and trying to not get killed.

Review: This is, by far, one of the best comedies of the year. It’s got everything you could possibly want in a stupid comedy movie. It’s not only got great comedy, but there is a lot of action in this one. There are very few parts in this movie where I wasn’t either completely enthralled in the action sequences or laughing my face off at the ridiculous comedic bits. Everyone knows Seth Rogen from Knocked Up and Superbad, but James Franco really stole this one. I, along with (probably) the majority of you reading this, only know Franco from his role as Harry Osborn in the Spider-Man movies, but he’s actually a really funny actor. While the majority of his comedy was in the dialog, he’s what really made it funny. His delivery and performance were amazing. As much as I love his movies, Seth Rogen’s voice can get a little on the annoying side, so having other people in this one making the jokes was really nice. While watching this I noticed that there were a few pretty huge plot holes, along with some other stuff that just didn’t seem to make sense, but I could get past it.

Overall, I would say this one is another great addition to the recent successes that this group has had. It isn’t their best effort, but it’s a fun, exciting, and enjoyable ride from beginning to end. Anyone who was a fan of their previous outings, or anyone who just wants a ridiculous blend of comedy and action, will have a fun time at this one. It’s a great ‘stoner comedy’ that, along with the huge box office money it’s going to make, will make a killing on DVD.

Rating: 4.5/5

The Dark Knight

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Title: The Dark Knight

Starring Actor(s)/Actress(es): Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman

Genre: Action / Thriller

Status: In Theaters

Release Date: July 18, 2008

Plot Summary: When a new madman starts terrorizing Gotham City Batman, along with James Gordon and the new DA Harvey Dent, must join forces to stop him.

Review: This movie was awesome! It definitely lived up to all the hype that it’s been getting over the last few weeks/months/whatever. The movie has everything that a great action movie can. There’s less emphasis on Bruce Wayne’s social life than in Batman Begins, but they’ve replaced it with a shitload of more action. Every review I’ve read so far has acclaimed Heath Ledger’s performance as something Oscar-worthy and I must agree. He’s got the comedic part down, but in an insanely creepy way. I, like most fans I’ve noticed, was very happy with the replacement of Katie Holmes with Maggie Gyllenhaal. She may not be as attractive, but her acting was quite a bit better. Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman add some great comic relief to this movie that isn’t entirely needed, but it makes it more enjoyable. There are only a few negative points to this the movie. The first thing is that in the Batman Begins Gotham City looked a lot dirtier and darker and there was no real way to tell what city they actually filmed in. In this one the city was a much brighter and clearer, which makes sense with the storyline, but it was also incredibly easy to tell that they filmed it in Chicago. The other aspect that I didn’t find so great was Bale’s performance. For some reason his voice seemed to be too forced in this one than Batman Begins. Even in that movie it was a little noticeable, but in this one it seemed even worse. I loved the movie, all 2 hours and 45 minutes of it. It doesn’t feel nearly that long because the entire movie is action-packed and awesome.

By far this is going to be one of the biggest movies of the summer, if not the year. It’s a more than worthy sequel to an already amazing movie. It’s everything a fan could ask for. It’s got the action, it’s dark and comedy. I saw today that, as long as Christopher Nolan stays on, Christian Bale would agree to another sequel and I would be pumped for that.

Rating: 4.75/5


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Title: Wanted

Starring Actor(s)/Actress(es): James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman, Thomas Kretschmann

Genre: Action / Adv

Status: In Theaters

Release Date: June 27, 2008

Plot Summary: Wesley (McAvoy) is a normal guy who leads a boring and repetitive life. That is until he’s recruited into a league of assassins.

Review: I think it’s safe to describe this movie in two words: BAD ASS! By far one of the more enjoyable movies out at the moment. I know it’s not for everyone because almost all of the action sequences are just so over the top and unrealistic, but that’s what makes this so awesome. While I love a simple action movie or even a good kung-fu flick, these movies are making their way up there in my book. There’s no way to can see this movie and be bored. Now, let’s mention the cast. James McAvoy does both parts of his life very well. He makes a great nobody whose annoyed with his job/life/everything, but he also turns into a real bad ass. Angelina Jolie is, well she’s Angelina Jolie… And Morgan Freeman is a mysterious assassin leader. How awesome is that? Now a movie isn’t a good movie without a story, but this one has that too. There are some genius twists throughout the movie and it’s not at all what I was expecting to happen.

All around, this is definitely in my top three movies of the summer (so far) and I’m definitely glad I got around to seeing it. If you’re a fan of action movies by any aspect, go see this movie. You will leave with that feeling like “Wow, I really want to be an assassin right now.” and you just want to start kicking peoples’ asses. It’s great.

Rating: 4.75/5


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Title: Hancock

Starring Actor(s)/Actress(es): Will Smith, Jason Bateman, Charlize Theron

Genre: Action / Comedy

Status: In Theaters

Release Date: July 2, 2008

Plot Summary: A not so glamorous superhero, who is hated by the public, tries to redo his image and make the people of LA see how much they need him.

Review: Much unlike the last entry, this movie is one of the more creative ones as-of-late. It’s nice to see a “superhero” who isn’t a noble person. It gives it a little more of a reality. Plus Will Smith is hilarious. The whole movie has great comedy and it’s a really fun one to watch. The action scenes really aren’t anything too breathtaking. There are only a few full-on action sequences anyway, while the others are usually just quick little ones. The story is fairly well done. The backstory was quite interesting and I had an idea of who the “bad guy” would be going into it, but I was taken for a little bit of a loop in that department.

All in all, I think this was a very entertaining movie. It’s one that I’d been waiting for for a while and it didn’t do much to disappoint. The trailers seem to do a good job of skewing the look of the movie, though. From the trailers it seems like an action movie with comedy on the side. However, it’s kind of the opposite. Still enjoyable and, like I said, I’m a pretty big Will Smith fan so I enjoyed it. It’s not going to be a contender for the bigger summer blockbusters, but it’s a fun little movie for the summer.

Rating: 4/5

Get Smart

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Title: Get Smart

Starring Actor(s)/Actress(es): Steve carell, Anne Hathaway, Dwayne Johnson, Alan Arkin

Genre: Comedy / Action

Status: In Theaters

Release Date: June 20, 2008

Plot Summary: Fumbling Agent 86, Maxwell Smart (carell) of CONTROL is forced into action to stop their nemesis KAOS with a much more experienced Agent 99 (Hathaway) as his partner.

Review: While I’m getting just as annoyed as everyone else over these unoriginal movies, this one was highly enjoyable. I’m pretty much a fan of anything Steve carell is a part of, but that’s not the only reason this one was successful. There was some speculation by some friends of mine as to whether or not Steve carell doing something PG-13 would be as funny, but after becoming a newly formed fan of The Office I knew he had it there. I will say that some of the comedy was a little. . . childish, but it still made me (as well as the majority of middle-aged people in the theater) laugh. The action sequences were actually really well done while still being fun. I must say that carell played a huge role in always cutting the dramatic tension with a clever little quip. There were really never any dull moments, because someone in the cast would always break the mood. It made it a really fun movie from beginning to end. I would have to say that for the entire film. Everything about it made it a very fun movie throughout. This seems to be a perfect formula because it caught the attention of the older fans that knew the original series, as well as the younger audience just like a good comedy. It was the perfect movie for a boring summer day.

I’m not too sure if it’s true, considering this movie is ranked as #3 at the box office right now, but it seemed as though this one was a bit overpowered by Wall-E and Wanted (not to mention the other huge summer blockbusters). It’s kind of sad to see it that way because this is actually a very worthy movie for an already amazing summer of movies.

Rating: 4.75/5

The Incredible Hulk

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Title: The Incredible Hulk

Starring Actor(s)/Actress(es): Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, William Hurt

Genre: Action / Sci-Fi

Status: In Theaters

Release Date: June 13, 2008

Plot Summary: After becoming a fugitive, Dr. Bruce Banner (Norton) is forced back to the US to make the choice to either use his power or destroy it.

Review: Another success in the comic-book-to-movie adaptations! In the wake of the hugely successful Iron Man movie, this one had a lot to live up to. It didn’t surpass Iron Man, but it definitely was right on up there. The story doesn’t really take long to pick up, and there’s quite a bit of action throughout. The visuals were pretty great looking. The fight scenes between the two “hulkish” creatures were okay. It’s kind of the same thing I thought after seeing Transformers. They were good, but it was too close and it was dark during the scene, so there wasn’t a whole lot to be seen. On a good note, I was quite a fan of all the cameos and little nuances that were slyly slipped in there.

Overall, I would say it’s adding quality to the somewhat dismal genre of comic-book adaptations. I’m looking forward to see where these are going (as there are a few left before “the big one”).

Rating: 4/5