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Warped Tour 2008

Posted in Concert Reviews with tags , , on August 7, 2008 by coryangennet

Bands: Warped Tour 2008

Date/Time: August 3 @ 11:00

Venue: Canterbury Park, Shakopee, MN

Genre(s): Wide Range


Considering I was there the whole day and saw a bunch of bands, I’ll just go through the main ones:

We The Kings: This is a great new pop punk band that I recently got into. Their have some really fun, upbeat songs and their stage presence isn’t bad either. There were a lot of people at their stage when they played, which was a little unexpected because they weren’t playing at one of the main stages. However, I think that it just added to the atmosphere. It made it a little more exciting.

Reel Big Fish: Yeah, Reel Big Fish. It was awesome. I’m a huge fan of these guys, and I have been for some time, so seeing them live was a real treat. As great as their music is, their stage show is just as amazing. Their songs aren’t really ever very serious, and neither are the guys. They really just joke around while up there, and they played some interesting songs (they even did a little bit of Enter Sandman before deciding it just wasn’t the right day). They’ve been around a while and I really hope they keep going because I’d really love to see them again.

Story of the Year: This is a band that I didn’t really think I would keep listening to after their initial success back in 2003, but they’ve continued to put out great albums. Their newest album The Black Swan just came out a few months ago, so they had some great new songs to play. It was a really high energy performance, and it was pretty fun to go to. Not to mention it was the only “hard rock” band I saw all day, which is my preference.

3OH!3: White guys from Colorado rapping over electronica beats. If that doesn’t sound like the best show you will ever see I don’t know what does. I started listening to them after I saw that they were on the list of bands playing, and I really got obsessed with their first full-length album Want. The music is fun, fast paced, and quite funny. I’ve never been to any form of hip-hop show, but this was a fun one for me to start with. Definitely worth seeing again.

Over the course of the day I also went to Four Years Strong, The Color Fred, Throw the Fight (local metal band). I then stood back and watched Angels and Airwaves, Motion City Soundtrack and Cobra Starship.

I would say that it was a pretty successful first Warped Tour experience for me. I was by myself the whole day, and I did lose my wallet for about an hour (before I got it from some security chick), so it could have been better, but the music was still good. Thirty minutes is too short for a truly great show, so I’m going to have to catch some of these bands when they’re playing their own shows, and I suggest you do the same.